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Xmont, LLC: Providing affordable homes for the soldiers at Ft. Hood.

Name: Xmont, LLC
Stage: Venture & Growth
Sector: Procurement
Location: Temple/Killeen, Texas
Product/Service: Residential Leases

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Two prior service members had a vision to provide affordable housing to soldiers and their families through real-estate investments in the Ft. Hood community. Through the location of distressed properties, XMONT has been able to take abandon homes, fix them up and make them a productive part of the community. These opportunities enabled us to secure a substantial equity position and access to a surplus of potential tenants generating good cash flow.

Who are Xmont, LLC's clients?

The clients are typically soldiers or military civilians surrounding the Fort Hood military post.

Who are the founders of the company?

The founders are Executives with long-standing careers at a large Fortune 100 Company. Both founders are military veterans who understand the clients exceptionally well and have a desire to continue to support the military community and their families.

What were the reason(s) Xmont, LLC selected Bellator?

Bellator offered financial scale and expertise in business project management, tax and financing. With a proven history in entrepreneurial program management and a resource structure that focused the business plan on operational due diligence, this match made sense.

A Positive Outcome

With Bellator on board, their coaching in due diligence forced critical business decisions to happen more quickly. In addition, we were able to leverage their business experience, particularly in tax and portfolio management.

What are the company achievements with Bellator on board?

We now have a better vision and model to help us understand our return on investment. We have also doubled the number of real estate assets in the last six months.

What is the single biggest reason Xmont, LLC would recommend Bellator?

We recommend Bellator for their expertise in business management, including market, customer expertise, portfolio management, financial and debt management.

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