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More than just an Angel Investor or a Venture Capital company, Bellator is an entrepreneur investment company. We bet on the underdog and roll up our sleeves to help everyone achieve their business goals and beyond. The value we bring to our partnerships comes through financial support, highly sought after mentoring experience, and business coaching with 80 years of collective experience in:


As founders, executives, and board members of small and mid-size companies ($10 Million - $250 Million), we have first-hand experience in commercial and highly regulated industries.

Understanding your business’ potential and its trajectory is something we know very well.

Because we have been entrepreneurs for many years, we know what it’s like to be in your shoes! There are many key steps and processes that can transform an early-stage start up into a highly functioning, operational powerhouse. Several times, as founders, partners, and board members, we have taken companies from small start-ups to high value assets for shareholders

We know how to create and maximize value for owners, shareholders, and employees. As a partner, we can help you with:

Strategic Business Planning

This is a key component in decision making that prepares your business for growth. Start ups have twice the opportunity to grow when they have a strategic plan in place. We know every detail needed for a strategic plan to increase cash flow, operational productivity, and meaningful milestones.

Sales, Business, and Pipeline Development

Your sales team depends upon your direction and your resources for their success. How do you find new business when you can’t get out from behind your desk? As an owner or partner, your business needs continuous business development. You and your employees may need leadership training to overcome hurdles in business development and create a leadership pipeline.

Marketing and Branding Strategies

A great service or product may not be enough to succeed. With a strong brand strategy and marketing plan in place, you can create a roadmap to increase market share and sales.

Finance & Accounting

Bellator is somewhere between an Angel Investor and Venture Capital Firm. We can do more than simply invest in your company. We understand how to make improvements to accounting systems and find access to credit.

Product Development

Now that you have a product, do you have the processes in place for continued development? We know how to build a diverse portfolio yet stay focused on core objectives. From concept to delivery, we are committed to a record of successful product launches.


Operations are key to how a company delivers products and services to the customers. If you aren’t efficient, agile and accountable, your customers and employees suffer from poor quality, frustration and cost inefficiencies. Don’t be your own worst enemy. We know how to refine operations and deliver. Together, we can improve productivity and scalability.

Delivery / Logistics

Is your production plan scalable? If your plan cannot scale up, then you’ll miss more market opportunity. Even worse, if you can’t deliver, no matter what the product is, you’re going to end up in trouble. Our team knows how to deliver products to your customers’ doorsteps. It’s a process that relies on maximizing efficiency while minimizing errors.

Human Resources

Many start ups fall into the trap of poor hiring practices: failing to check references, taking underqualified employees to simply fill a spot, and a lack of on-the-job training. We believe in hiring great employees. It may take some time to find them, but when you do you’ll have someone you can trust and challenge to exceed expectations.

Contract Management

Profitability can hinge upon the terms of a contract. Our experience can give you an advantage when listing the right terms that protect your business while building lasting relationships with your partners.

Technology / Innovation

Are you an innovator? We understand how to foster your ideas into viable business models and processes. Whether it’s outsourcing development or scaling your operations to produce a new technology, we can help you bring it to life.

Consulting Services / Support

Because we get personally involved through co-developed courses of action, we think beyond the quick win. This is based upon years of investment and industry experience. Our mentoring support can also build an invaluable network of contacts to help grow your business.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether or not you are building your business to take to market there is a strategic roadmap each business owner must follow in order to maximize value for shareholders and employees of any business. Our proven experience in the areas of acquiring and selling businesses will help deliver current results for the company while delivering long-term strategic value.

We have also worked in large, multi-national Fortune 500 companies. Our experience in sales, marketing, finance, and operations with these companies is a force multiplier, especially through lessons learned. We have done the hard work and are ready to become your partner, versus being a company that is merely investing in ideas. We can be your change agent!

So, if you’re struggling with how to make your next move, we want to help. CLICK HERE to send us your business plan.


...ready to become your partner, versus being a company that is merely investing in ideas.