We are founders of successful start-ups, former corporate executives, and seasoned entrepreneurs willing to invest in established small businesses positioned for success. We’re more than your typical Angel Investor or Venture Capital firm. Our partners are ready to support your business with lessons learned, strategic focus, and industry relationships.

We’ve walked more than a mile in small/medium business owner shoes during rapid growth phases and currently differentiate ourselves by providing business growth strategies and not being just a “funding source”. We take each investment personally with the mission to make the small business ownership team and employees achieve the best outcomes for their customers, thus helping the company exceed current business growth projections.

Competition for financial resources and operational insight has never been higher. If you are a small business owner seeking a strategic equity partner and working capital debt source, Bellator can be your partner.

Our criteria is simple:

Incorporated a minimum of 2 years
Incorporated a minimum of 2 years
Value-added services or product provider
Value-added services or product provider
GREAT people trying to deliver the BEST <br>product(s) for their customers
GREAT people trying to deliver the BEST
product(s) for their customers

Our focus is to
be a strategic

We partner beyond the quick win and are actively seeking business plans and ideas with a minimum investment horizon of 5 – 7 years. Here are some of our requirements:

Active board seat
Prospects must have passion, trustworthiness, and be coachable
Owners who are self-starters and would rather “do it themselves” versus working for someone else

We want to invest in you and your ideas...

...leaving the management team to run the day-to-day business, therefore maximizing value for your company.

If you’re struggling with how to make the next strategic move to scale your business, CLICK HERE to connect with us. Let us become your change agent!